Why did I create a new bookmark management software?


2 min read

Perhaps due to my work, I often need to browse various websites and information on the internet. When I come across useful articles, I want to save them. And when friends recommend software that I may not need immediately but will need in the future, I want to save those recommendations as well.

Over time, the number of bookmarks in my browser keeps increasing, making it difficult for me to find the links I want among thousands of bookmarks when I need them.

There are already many bookmark management software options available in the market. I have tried various ones like Raindrop, Omnivore, Pocket, Instapaper, and more.

While these software partially meet my needs, I believe there is room for improvement.

I want a bookmark software that clearly differentiates between types:

Which websites are Links, requiring a click to access the corresponding services; which ones are articles, allowing for a better reading experience; which ones are videos, perhaps better suited for headphone viewing; and which ones are Podcasts, perfect for listening to while driving.

Perhaps this is just the first step, as I contemplate whether AI can assist in better classification and management.

Just like a few years ago when I scoffed at robotic vacuum cleaners, with the advancement of technology, smarter robotic vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable tool in my life.

Being an independent developer means limited resources and funding, but it also means I can focus more on creating a better product.

Currently, we are developing version 1.0, which will fulfill the basic bookmark management functions. Once version 1.0 is launched, I will concentrate even more on integrating AI to make bookmark management smarter and more convenient.